2016 LA Ballot Amendments (Cheat Sheet)



Amendment #1 – Voter Registrars (sponsored by Mike Danahay – Democrat, Sulphur)

  • “Voter Registrars” = means people who oversee voter registration.
  • If you vote YES = The registrars may be required to have college degrees/prior work experience/professional work experience. Also, voter registrar job openings may have to be advertised. · If you vote NO = Voter Registrar job requirements will not change – no professional or work experience necessary.


Amendment #2 – Public College Tuition (sponsored by Dan Morrish – Republican, Jennings)

  • “Louisiana Higher Education” = means public colleges across the state, such as LSU, UNO, Southern University, etc.
  • If you vote YES = Public colleges can more easily increase their tuition without approval from the state legislature.
  • If you vote NO = Nothing will change. The colleges will need state legislative approval before they increase their tuition.


Amendment #3 – Corporate Taxes (sponsored by Walt Leger – Democrat, New Orleans)

  • “Federal Income Tax Deduction” = means that Louisiana companies may subtract their federal income tax payments from their state tax bill.
  • If you vote YES = Things will change. All Louisiana companies (big or small) will not get that federal deduction – instead, they pay a set tax of 6.5%.
  • If you vote NO = Nothing will change. Louisiana companies keep the federal deduction.


Amendment # 4 – Property Tax Benefits for Surviving Spouses (sponsored by Mike Johnson – Republican, Bossier City)

  • “Surviving Spouse” = means husband or wife of a police officer, military member, National Guard or firefighter who died while on active duty.
  • If you vote YES = The surviving spouses do not have to pay property taxes on their homes.
  • If you vote NO = Nothing will change. Surviving spouses do not receive the tax exemption.

Amendment # 5 – State Trust Fund (sponsored by Walt Leger – Democrat, New Orleans)

  • “Trust Fund” = means a money account used by the State to cover future expenses.
  • If you vote YES = the State will set up an account with money from oil and gas revenues to cover pensions, retirement costs and other emergency costs.
  • If you vote NO = No account will be set up.


Amendment # 6 – Access to State Funds (sponsored by R.L. Allain – Republican, District 21)

  • “Tapping Protected Funds” = means the State using extra money from certain accounts funded by taxpayers
  • If you vote YES = It will be easier for the State to take money from protected accounts without following some of the strict rules that now protect the State from freely accessing those accounts.
  • If you vote NO = The previous rules will apply and possibly restrict the State’s ability to easily use money from these protected accounts.


New Orleans City Charter Amendment (sponsored by Jared Brossett – Democrat, New Orleans)

  • If you vote YES = The City’s Office of Independent Police Monitor will become an independent department and report directly to the Ethics Review Board. The office will also receive dedicated funding and work independently of the Inspector General’s Office. This measure will not require new taxes to be collected from citizens.
  • If you vote NO = The City Charter will stay the same and both the Office of the Independent Police Monitor and the City’s ethics review board will receive their money from the City’s Inspector General office.
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