Lend A Helping Hand in N.O. East

Last Tuesday was a day no one expected. How often do we have tornadoes in our area? They swept through quickly and left many in devastation.

We like to consider our professionals  as family and what affects you, affects us. With that said, we’ve joined forces with NolaGreek,HBCUNola, REDCLAYSoul & ULGNOYP for a community clean-up day on Saturday, Feb. 18 from 10am-1pm and meeting at the Alpha Plaza 9701 Lake Forest Blvd #123. Following the clean-up we invite all to join us for a celebration of culture with live performances with Stooges Brass Band, Hot 8, Kinfolk Brass Band, Da Truth Brass Band, Free Agents Brass Band, Tonya Boyd Cannon, Joanna McGill, Shaddy Feel Good and More!

There will be shuttle buses to/from Xavier, Dillard and SUNO, if you’d prefer to catch a ride.


If you aren’t able to join us physically but would like to donate to the cause monetarily or with other items please email morgan@nolablackprofessionals.com.


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